Sunday, December 11, 2016

Eritrea 2016: Sketches of a Trip. Part IV

In this post, let me introduce you to the works of Yonathan Tesfay. Yonathan learned iron works from his late grandfather and later added woodwork to his creativity. I first visited Yonathan at his work -shop and later at his showroom. What impressed me the most with Jonathan's woodwork is that  no trees are cut to produce his amazing work. The wonderful creative works that you see below are made from difference size pieces of  wood that he collects from various places.

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Yonathan's workshop

Yonatha's showroom


From Jonathan's display book. Courtesy of Filmon Tesfay, Jonathan's brother 

Below, two treasured-gifts from Yonathan. Thanks. Yonathan would not accept payment.
This is the same experience that Dr. Theodore Papefuss of the University of California, Berkeley
mentioned on Eritrea Profile. Check his article at the end of this post.

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