Sunday, October 23, 2016

Pictures from ICES 2016. Part II

Rahel Weldeab. Reading a message sent by the Mahaffy's. 
Rahel presented a paper entitled "Academic Research, 
Intelligence Gathering and Foreign Intervention: Academic 
Imperialism in the Case of Eritrea."

 Georgina Cole (University of Oxford) and Dr. Ghebrebrhan Ogubazhi presenting 
papers entitled "Struggling to Find a Fence: A Search for the Middle Ground
 in EritreanScholarship" and "Some Thoughts on Research in the Natural 
Science in the  Context of Eritrea", respectively.

                                          Dr. Victoria Bernal presenting "Imagining Asmara: Cyberspace and the City"

Dr. Jason Mosley during the Plenary Session addressing "The Impact of the 
Yemeni Conflict on both sides of the Red Sea and Beyond."

Dr. S.V.Narayanan

Dr. Yosef Lebsekal on the far left

Dr. Tanja R. Müller

Dr. Ghidewon Abay Asmerom

Alamin Hamid presenting "Perfecting Women's Struggle 
through Studies: Addressing the Absence of Gender in Eritrean
 Higher Education" 

Olivia A. Woldemikael presenting "Perceptions of Heroism: A
Comparison of Women's Roles within the National Liberation
Struggles of Eritrea and Zimbabwe"

Panel on Education

Dr. Eyoab Iyasu presenting "Biology and Society: Can
African Genome Data Mend the Fences?"

Attendees at the above mentioned presentation.

Dr. Cythnia Tse Kimberlin. She was a former Peace Corps Volunteer
in Mendefera, Eritrea from 1962-1964. Dr. Kimberlin
 presented a paper entitled: "Conversations with an Ethnomusicologist
 and Cardinal Paulos Tzadua (1972-2000)"

 Kokeb Fessha, a recent Law School graduate presenting
her paper entitled "Infringement of Copyright of film in Eritrea"

Dr. Giorgio Prodi's presentation entitled "One Belt One Road Initiative: Opportunity
 and Threats for Africa". Dr. Giorgio is the son of former Italian Prime Minister
and the formernPresident of the European Commission,  Romano Prodi. 
Dr. Amare Tekle, right, moderator.  He was the former Commissioner 
of  the Eritrean Referendum Commission.

Professor Asmarom Legesse, prominent Eritrean anthropologist

Attorney Semhar Araia. Semhar also presented a paper entitled
"The Role of Africa's Diaspora in Development: Lessons from Eritrea"

Issayas Tesfamariam, left. Dr. Michael Busch (middle) presenting 
his paper entitled "Narratives of Necessity" and Dr. Bhakti Shringarpure
(far right) presenting her paper entitled "Foregrounding Italian Colonialism:
 New Literary representations from the Horn of Africa" 

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