Saturday, February 2, 2013

A converstion with mutli award winner fashion designer and architect, Zekaryas Solomon

Part II

Zekaryas Solomon: award winner designer and architect

 Issayas: I love your designs. Are your designs already on the market?

Zekaryas: Thank you Issayas. I am glad you like them and thankful for supporting. Until now I have been designing for private clients.We are working hard to get the  Zekaryas Solomon ready-to-wear collection for 2013 and hopefully all is going to work out as we are planning it.

Issayas: Eritrea is entering a stage called "zla/taking off".  As I've mentioned earlier, your work is a great asset for Eritrea. Have you thought of as to how your work could be incorporated with the development project of Eritrea? For example, your designs to be mass produced by Zaer textile Corp. or other Eritrean textile factories.

Zekaryas: What a great news ! I have been following the news about the new development program over the Christmas time. I am very happy and proud about it seeing how our country is developing whilst we have seen all over the world crises and similar economical and ethical problems. Of course I have always been thinking to do some cooperative work with some Eritrean industrial companies. As I have said before, I haven't started to mass produce my designs.  All were done by myself in my studio, but this will be the future plan as I always wanted to create job opportunities and homemade quality products. The other thing is  that everyone has been pushing me since the 2nd Investment Conference that was held in Asmara at the end of last year to go back home and teach fashion as I am doing it here in London.

Issayas: What is your future plan? Do you plan to design women and children cloths?

Zekaryas: My future plan is to market and expand my designs / Label worldwide. Women's wear is already done after creating two men's wear collection my last collection was women's wear called: (elegance & dynamic) and of course accessories (bags and  tie’s) for men and women. Children clothes I wouldn't mind but as a young designer first of all you haven't got the time and budget to design  all kind of designs you have to concentrate on one or two things to do them very well with the time you can expand. In the far future may be who knows.





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Issayas: I would like to thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule to my constant bugging. You are a great role model for young Eritreans. I would like to see your products around the world.  Wish you all the success. We'll continue this conversation as your dreams continue to flourish.

Zekaryas: Thank you, Issayas.

Pictures are all courtesy of Zekaryas Solomon.