Saturday, November 12, 2011

On November 10, 2011 Eritrea was represented (for the fourth time) at the 5th annual Cultural & Diversity/Disability Awareness Day at Caltrans Office (district 6) in Fresno, California. Even though the Eritrean community of Fresno is small in number, they came out in full force to support the cultural event. People lined up to taste Eritrean food, checked out the cultural products on display, talked to members of the community about Eritrea, read displays, drank traditional coffee, danced to Eritrean music and listened to a saxophone rendition by Fekadu Amdemeskel (a former Police Orchestra and Roha Band member). I must say that Eritrea was well represented by the Eritrean community members of Fresno, as cultural ambassadors.

According to Petros Demoz, the organizer of the Eritrea section of the event, in an effort to educate employees and the public on the rights afforded to all races, ages, cultures, sexes, religions and sexual orientations under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Caltrans, at the end of each year, organizes a cultural event. In the event, employees are encouraged to enjoy cultural foods, crafts, displays and a variety of performances & dancers. Caltrans is California's Department of Transportation.

Below are pictures from the event. Kudos to the Eritrean community members of Fresno, California.

Below are some pictures from the previous cultural events (2008-2010). Visailia Eritrean community members also participated.

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