Friday, June 8, 2007

ERITREA: Colors In Motion

On the occasion of Eritrea's sweet sixteenth birthday, I launched a new coffee table picture book on Eritrea.

You can order your copy from

Eritrea: Colors In Motion
by Issayas Tesfamariam
Philip Safarik
Paperback book $32.00
Description: A picture odyssey of Eritrea.
From the Introduction: The concept for this book was not created by design, but by circumstance. I went to Eritrea in the summer of 2006 to direct a series of documentaries on Eritrea under the banner of the "Eritrea DVD Project". The group consisted of myself, Philip Safarik and Lori Nygaard. When we returned to the United States of America, we had over forty hours of footage and over one thousand still pictures. At the suggestion of Professor Nubra Floyd of San Jose State University, in San Jose, California, I submitted three pictures for San Jose State University Global Studies Department's Global Lens 2006 Photo Contest. One of the pictures (Eritrea: Firewood pg. 24) won first place. With this encouragement the idea of sharing more pictures with the general public was born. At the outset, the book should be seen as an accompaniment to the documentaries of the "Eritrea DVD Project".

Product Details:

Printed: 120 pages, 9" x 7", perfect binding, full-color interior ink

Copyright: (c) 2007
Language: English
Country: United States